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Your All-In-One Non-Profit Ticketing Solution

Simplify Your Cause: Non-Profit Tickets Made Easy

Committed to Non-Profit Success

We recognize the unique demands of non-profit ticketing and have developed a state-of-the-art solution tailored specifically for charitable organizations.

Whether you are organizing a fundraising gala, a community event, or a charity auction, we simplify your ticketing process, help you retain more of your funds, and provide tools to streamline your daily operations.

Designed for Non-Profit Ticketing

Streamlining Non-Profit Operations

Ticket Goat is more than just another ticketing solution. Our platform is designed to meet the specific needs of non-profits, ensuring a robust and reliable ticketing experience. Our success in this sector demonstrates our commitment to providing top-tier solutions.

With Ticket Goat, you can focus on your mission while we handle the ticketing.

Discounted Pricing

Benefit from our discounted rate of $0.75 per ticket for 501(c)(3) organizations.

Donor Communications 

Track and engage with your supporters effectively using our attendance reporting tools.

Explore Our Non-Profit Ticketing Features

Our Non-Profit Ticketing Technology

Ticket Goat’s non-profit benefits extend far beyond discounted pricing and donor management. We offer several features specifically designed to enhance your ticketing experience and delight your attendees.

Intuitive Booking Experience

Our platform offers an easy-to-navigate booking system that ensures attendees can book their tickets effortlessly. From selecting event types to adding donations with the ticket, Ticket Goat simplifies the booking journey, making it user-friendly for all age groups.

Reservation Management

Handle all aspects of event reservation management. Our system manages guest reservations, seating assignments, and special requests seamlessly. Whether it’s a group booking or an individual reservation, our platform ensures accuracy and ease of use.

Efficient Check-In Process

Support quick verification and entry, enhancing the overall attendee experience. Scan attendee tickets on arrival with our mobile ticket scanning feature.

Secure and Reliable Transactions

Our platform ensures all financial transactions are secure, using the best payment processing solutions on the market. Attendees can confidently book and pay for their tickets, knowing their personal and payment information is protected.

Non-Profit Specific Features

Manage donations, generate detailed reports, and manage your attendee lists easily.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is to assist with any issues or inquiries. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to ensure your non-profit events run smoothly and efficiently.

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Enhance The Attendee Experience

Every non-profit event is an opportunity to further your cause, connect with the community, and raise essential funds. An easy-to-use ticketing solution is crucial to achieving these goals.

Ticket Goat is here to get you started on your road to success through simple yet powerful event ticketing solutions.

Simplified Online Booking

Attendees can easily book their tickets through a user-friendly online system. They have access to detailed event schedules, seating options, and donation add-ons.

Mobile Access & E-Tickets

With mobile ticketing, attendees can keep their tickets on their smartphones, eliminating worries about lost or forgotten tickets. Everything they need is secure and accessible on their mobile device.

Personalized Communication

Communicate effectively with attendees through personalized email and SMS updates. From booking confirmations to entry instructions and event changes, keep them informed every step of the way.