Website Design Updates to Boost Ticket Sales

Navigating the competitive landscape of online ticket sales requires a polished, professional website. Your site is often the first impression potential customers have of your business. At Ticket Goat, we know that an updated, sleek website design can significantly impact customer trust and conversion rates. Here’s how you can boost your Ticket sales with an updated site with some essential design updates to lock in sales today.

Embrace Minimalism with Purposeful White Space to Update Your Site to Boost Ticket Sales

Why White Space Matters

White space, or negative space, is critical in web design as it can reduce visual clutter and focus the user’s attention on important content. This space around text and images gives your website a fresh, open feel, making it more appealing and easier to navigate.

How to Implement White Space

To effectively use white space, start by stripping away non-essential elements. Focus on the key message and functionality of each page. For instance, a simple purchase process can be more attractive to users than one cluttered with unnecessary information or graphics. Aim for balance between design elements and empty spaces to guide users naturally through their buying journey.

Choose Contemporary Fonts That Speak Volumes

Importance of Font Selection

The choice of font can profoundly influence user engagement and perceptions of your brand’s professionalism. Modern fonts can provide a clean, updated look that resonates with contemporary aesthetics.

Recommended Fonts

Consider fonts like Roboto, Lato, or Open Sans, which are not only free but are known for their clarity and web-optimization. These fonts are versatile across various devices and screen sizes, ensuring your website maintains a consistent appearance everywhere.

Select High-Quality Imagery to Help Boost Ticket Sales

Boost ticket sales

The Impact of High-Resolution Images

Images can communicate much faster than words, and high-quality images can convey professionalism and capture attention. They play a crucial role in how customers perceive your brand.

Tips for Choosing the Right Images

Use images that directly relate to your content, showcase real people, places, and events, and ensure they are sharp and well-lit. Consider the emotional impact of your images—choose those that evoke the desired feelings or actions from your customers to boost ticket sales.

Utilize a Striking Accent Color

Accent colors for website to boost ticket sales

Why Accent Colors Are Effective to Boost Ticket Sales

An accent color can serve as a powerful visual cue, guiding visitors to important information or calls to action. It can make your website more visually interesting and memorable.

How to Choose an Accent Color

Look at your brand colors and select an accent that contrasts yet complements your main palette. This color should be used sparingly to highlight important buttons, links, or messages, effectively guiding users towards conversion points.

Ensure Distinct Contrast for Clarity

The Role of Contrast

Contrast is not just about colors; it includes size, shape, and positioning. High contrast between elements can help them stand out and improve the readability and navigability of your site.

Implementing Effective Contrast

Use a large, bold font for headlines to draw attention, and keep body text smaller but readable. Consider different shapes or colors for buttons versus text links to help them stand out more.

Balance Large and Small Elements

Achieving Visual Harmony

Balancing large and small elements helps create a structured and appealing layout. This balance is crucial in directing the viewer’s attention to the most important information without overwhelming them.

Practical Tips for Balancing Elements

Determine the hierarchy of your content. Make key offerings or calls to action larger and more dominant. Pair these with smaller, less prominent elements that provide additional information without detracting from main messages.


Updating your website design with these tips can significantly boost ticket sales, making it not just a tool for displaying information, but a strategic asset for increasing sales and customer engagement. At Ticket Goat, we’re here to help you implement these changes seamlessly and watch your sales grow. Share your redesign experiences with us, and let’s celebrate your success together! Check out this blog from Hagadone Technologies on Tips to Create a Successful Online Presence for more insights!

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